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At Hope for Pink Foundation, we believe in the importance of having a solid support system in place to help you navigate through the journey of breast cancer and the healing process.  Our motto is "No warrior left alone!"  


The PinkSister Program pairs our strongest, most compassionate cancer survivors with breast cancer warriors who are in active treatment and in need of moral and emotional support.  This journey is not easy - and definitely one that no one should have to tackle alone or with limited support.  We make it easy for women to have that "breastfriend" that they need - someone who understands exactly how they are feeling and what they are going through.  

Benefits of Having a PinkSister:

1.  She will serve as a sounding board when you have questions and concerns.

2.  She will be your listening ear when you need to vent.

3.  She will be your shoulder to lean on when you feel like the weight of the journey is too heavy.

4.  She will motivate and encourage you to stay in the fight and not give up.

5.  She may be available to accompany you to treatment and appointments.

6.  She will serve as a resource aid to ensure that you are abreast of your benefits and entitlements.

If you are a newly diagnosed warrior, and would like to have a PinkSister, register here.

We are continuously looking for survivors who don't mind sharing their journey and insight with others.  If you are you interested in serving as a PinkSister for HFPF, please register here.

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