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Meet the Founder

DR. BONITA PARKER | INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR | RADICAL SUCCESS COACH, a warrior of Triple Negative Stage IV Metastatic breast cancer diagnosed in 2017, she shifted from life coaching entrepreneurs to becoming a student of her own teachings.  Using her knack for empowerment, she relied on faith and positive energy to get her through an intense chemotherapy treatment, traditional radiation and a partial mastectomy.  As an inspirational speaker and motivator, she knew firsthand how a positive mindset can shift the trajectory of any outcome.  

Being a firm believer of transparency, Bonita decided the best way to get her mind right was to go public about her diagnosis instead of hiding behind it.  She took to social media and announced her diagnosis to her immediate followers.  Unbeknownst to her, the live video would go viral and generate almost 20,000 views - with a large number of women who were battling the same diagnosis ... unsupported.  This tore into her heart in the worse way.  She opened up her phone lines for women in the U.S. all the way to the U.K to lend moral support, give advice, and a shoulder to cry on.  "No one should have to battle this alone" she cried to her fiance - who is co-Founder of the Hope for Pink Foundation.

Our mission is to ensure that no warrior is left unsupported.  Our goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire breast cancer warriors to fight no matter what by injecting self-advocacy into their healing journey with strong emphasis on building a solid and positive support system. HFPF recognizes the effects that cancer can have on our loved ones and we aim to prepare them for the journey.

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